On this Monday…

  1. I am tired. Very tired. I’m so thankful for the short work week.
  2. I am quite annoyed about something that happened at court this morning. I’m frustrated with someone’s constant incompetence. I need it to stop now.
  3. I get to see my boy tonight. I can’t wait to pick him up from school.
  4. I still have Christmas shopping to do tonight. I have a few more things to pick up for the boyfriend and the bff.
  5. I want a burrito from Chipotle for dinner. It has been decided.
  6. I’m in this weird place where I have a ton of stuff to do, and I’m overwhelmed by all of that stuff, so I’m just like…fuck it. So here I sit, blogging instead of working.
  7. How is it lunch time already?
  8. LinkedIn just alerted me to my work anniversary. I have operated/managed my own law firm for four years now. Wow. I think that calls for a celebration.
  9. Today is a glasses sort of day. My eyes are very tired. Xanax hangover is partially to blame, I think. My attempts to make sure I actually get some sleep typically make me feel even more tired the next morning. Counterproductive?

The law firm Christmas party was a big success. We had a lot of fun. The food was great. I highly recommend the Square One Brewery catering. I wish I had some more of the bacon wrapped stuffed dates. Major yum. (The appetizers aren’t listed on the menu, but they were really good.) I got lots of compliments on the party, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

There was one shitty point where we found out a couple of our cars had been broken into (not mine). People really suck. I guess that comes with city life.

so much to say

Today I accompanied Jackson on a field trip to a local nursing home where his class sang Hanukkah songs. It was really cute. Afterward, the kids were told to mingle with the residents and ask them questions. My child is not even a little bit shy (he gets that from his dad), and I overheard the following conversation between him and one of the residents:

Jax: Hi. My name is Jackson. (He shakes her hand.)  What kind of pizza do you like? Do you have pets? I’m only five years old right now, but someday I will be old too. What’s that thing in your nose? (It was her oxygen tube…OMFG)

Old lady: *giggles and pats his cheek*

Me: *walks away and dies laughing*

Later he told me: Mom, these people are really old…like 37 years old. Wow.

Happy Hanukkah.