My day in pics.

1. Brunch with Robert at Gringo. Jax ordered pancakes at a Mexican restaurant. They were surprisingly good.

2. We walked to the park because it was gorgeous outside. We could hear Loufest (outdoor concert festival) from the playground.

3. Jax made a new friend at the playground.

4. There was much reading. Jojo Moyes is a new favorite author.

5. We headed to the boyfriend’s house and I helped him make beer. It’s a complicated process, but we had fun. It’s going to be an IPA, which we will be serving at my Halloween party. Hoppy Halloween…It’s cute, right? šŸ™‚

6. I drank merlot while making beer. Yum.

7. Ended the evening playing video games with Jackson, which is his new favorite thing. The Wii U was a good buy.

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