book meme

I was tagged by karaisafourletterword. These are ten books that have a special place in my heart:

  1. In Cold Blood (by Truman Capote)
  2. One L (by Scott Turow)
  3. Gone With The Wind (by Margaret Mitchell)
  4. 100 Years of Solitude (by Garbriel Garcia Marquez)
  5. The Six Wives of Henry VIII (by Alison Weir)
  6. The Handmaid’s Tale (by Margaret Atwood)
  7. She’s Come Undone (by Wally Lamb)
  8. As I Lay Dying (by William Faulkner)
  9. The Red Tent (by Anita Diamant)
  10. The Red Devil: To Hell With Cancer And Back (by Katherine Russell Rich)

I tag: hardpatch itsjustcarrie honoluluorbust talknboutluvdancnboutarktecture walruswidow

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