1. All Easter has inspired in me is a slight depression and the overwhelming urge to eat every Cadbury egg ever made. 
  2. My mom texted me today. I didn’t know what to say so I texted her back a picture of Jackson. I fucking fail at dealing with my family.  It’s just too much, and I’m just too tired. I’m never going to get past it all, it seems.  I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. But I’m just so used to being alone now, that this is the only thing that makes sense to me.  Silence is easy.
  3. That two mile walk really kicked my ass. I feel EVERYTHING.  I’m doing it again tomorrow though. Physically it sucked, but mentally it was so good. 
  4. My boobs look fucking fantastic. I just keep looking down at them in amazement. I can’t wait to put them in a bra. 
  5. I’m currently reading Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill because I saw eyesopenwide blog about it the other day (#27, btw).  I’m a big horror fan, but somehow this escaped my attention.  I’m halfway through it, and holy fuck it’s good. 
  6. Jackson told me today that he knows the easter bunny is not real and is just a costume. He’s four.  I was impressed.  I didn’t bother trying to change his mind  I have always felt conflicted about stuff like the easter bunny, santa, and the tooth fairy.  
  7. Back to the office tomorrow. It will be good to get back to regular life, but I’m kind of nervous about it.  Sunday night anxiety strikes again. 

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