let me count the ways…

in which today sucked. Because it totally sucked, like super hard. 

Let’s recap:

  1. Terrible weather and crappy roads caused a delayed commute from the boyfriend’s house to my office. I rushed about in a tizzy, even skipping my morning shower, just to find out that the first appointment canceled because of the weather. Of course.
  2. First thing after walking into my office, I get stuck on the phone with a high maintenance and very long winded client that I took over from my partner because I’m an idiot too nice.  That killed my first hour.
  3. I begin working on a case to discover a very big problem that should have been caught by the person working on it before me.  Now I have to clean up the mess. I’m not amused. The client will be even less amused, I’m sure.
  4. Various people talked shit to me via email. I responded in a similar manner. Heated email wars commenced.
  5. I found out that a hearing I agreed to cover for my partner is not anything like what was described. I thought I was going to a routine hearing on a traffic matter. Instead, I was going to the city criminal court for a bench trial, for which we were not prepared, and for which we had not yet been paid.  It was an interesting afternoon.  (One thing I will say about criminal defense, it’s way more exciting than bankruptcy.)
  6. This client did not have all of my money. Shocker. 
  7. I had to walk half a mile in the previously mentioned crappy weather (14 degrees with snow and ice covering the sidewalks), in a dress, to get to the trial. I was fucking freezing by the time I got inside.
  8. I walked through several unavoidable puddles, and my feet got wet.
  9. When I got back to my car, I had a parking ticket.
  10. When I started my car, it wasn’t functioning properly because it was so cold, and it told me repeatedly that a door was ajar, even though it wasn’t.  This continued even after I pulled over and proceeded to open and close all four of the doors…twice.
  11. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast or lunch, which lead to a mind numbing headache developing.
  12. Right as I was about to leave my office to head home, a douche bag called to continue our email argument over the phone. This was a bad idea on his part. 
  13. I don’t have my kid tonight like I’m supposed to, because the weekly schedule has been changed up due to a death in my ex’s family.  So I’m at home now (thank god), but I miss my kid, whom I haven’t seen since Thursday morning.

Fuck this day.

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