Yesterday was my implant exchange, aka Breast Christmas.  The surgery went well.  I was in a great deal of pain when I awoke.  More than I expected. I had the gummy silicone implants inserted (the 410s). I also had liposuction of the flanks to provide fat to be grafted to the edges of the implants.

I snuck a peek yesterday and they look good,  though they are smaller than I was expecting.  I got the anatomically correct implants (tear drop shaped),  and so they look more natural than the expanders,  which were perfectly round.  This means they are less full at top,  which I will need to get used to.  However,  it looks like there is great cleavage potential.  I’m excited to heal so I can go bra shopping and test these babies out.

Ultimately,  they are better than expanders and even better than my original breasts,  which were almost non-existant,  and certainly never provided even a hint of cleavage.

Dave saw them yesterday and said they are magnificent, which made me laugh.  He’s taking very good care of me.  I’m so lucky to have him.  He’s amazing. I love him like crazy cakes.

I gave the new boobs a gentle squeeze yesterday, and they are soft.  It’s wonderful. I can also tell that once the swelling subsides,  I’m going to love the results from the liposuction. The shaping looks good already.  My only complaint is that wearing spanx for like 6 weeks nonstop is going to blow.  I’m already over it.

Btw,  I’m all drugged up,  so I apologize if this entry is a mess.

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