It’s weird…

how easy it has gotten to talk with people about my cancer related issues.

A male colleague approached me at court to discuss my new short hairdo. He informed me that I’m hot enough to pull off any hair length (aww), but then asked about the cancer. He asked if I just had chemo, and I explained I had the works: bilateral mastectomy, chemo, rads, and now hormone therapy. He asked me all about reconstruction, and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt discussing it. I’m glad to be able to spread some awareness. He now has a way better understanding of breast cancer, including that age doesn’t matter. I was 33 when I discovered my advanced cancer, and it had been there for a while. Probably at least a few years.

If it wants you, there’s nothing you can do except try to survive it. It has been almost a year since my diagnosis, and I’m in remission, but I still feel like I’m trying to survive it.

I read something a while back that stuck with me. A physician/cancer survivor said that eventually cancer feels like less of a book, and more of a chapter. I hope that ends up being the case for me. Not everyone gets that lucky.

It’s almost October, aka breast cancer awareness month (aka pinktober). I have a feeling this month will be a little emotional for me with all the pink shit that’s already hitting the shelves.

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